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The Best Sewer Line Services in Helena

Welcome to 3B Rehabilitation Services LLC, your trusted partner in sewer line rehabilitation. We take immense pride in being at the forefront of sewer line rehabilitation, utilizing cutting-edge trenchless technology to transform communities. Specializing in the innovative "Cured in Place Pipe" (CIPP) method, we ...

Revolutionizing Sewer System Renewal

At 3B Rehabilitation Services LLC, we champion the use of cutting-edge "Cured in Place Pipe" (CIPP) technology, heralded as the pinnacle of trenchless solutions for renewing sewer collection systems. CIPP stands out as the most sought-after method, ensuring unparalleled structural integrity and a long-term ...

Our Services

Sewer Lining Solutions

Sewer Lining Solutions

Sewer Inspection

Our expert technicians begin the pipe-lining process with a comprehensive video inspection. Utilizing advanced camera technology, we …
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$5.00 Per Foot

Cleaning and Descaling

Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to restore your pipes to their original condition. Through meticulous cleaning and descaling, we …
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$50.00 Per Foot

Installation Of Cured In Place Pipe

Experience hassle-free pipe replacement with our state-of-the-art Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) installation services. Say goodbye to …
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$175.00 Per Foot

Our Guiding Motto

Integrity in our actions

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Responsibility for our decisions and their consequences

Repairs Without Disruption

Pipe lining is a process through which a new pipe is created within the existing pipe using a special epoxy resin. The resin is poured into the pipes, where it essentially creates new pipes—all without digging up or damaging your Helena home’s structures, floors, interior walls, sidewalks, streets, or landscaping elements. The epoxy resin is laid up against the pipe, where it adheres directly to the liner, sealing any cracks and holes.


For more than 25 years, the CIPP method has been utilized safely and effectively to replace plumbing pipes. It is much less costly than the old methods for homeowners, as there are no extensive labor charges for digging the ground or breaking through concrete. Plus, our professional and insured technicians have all the training, tools, and technology to execute cured-in-place piping services quickly and painlessly.

Key Advantages

  • No landscape destruction
  • No tearing out walls
  • Expert technicians
  • Quality equipment and materials
  • No breaking up lengths of foundations
  • Over 100 feet of liner installed in seconds


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